Navitel Official Q3.2018 (Full World Release Cards)

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Navitel Official Q3.2018 (Full World Release Cards)

Mensaje por apple2000 » Octubre 15, 2018, 9:44 am

Navitel Official Q3.2018 (Full World Release Cards)


Navitel Official Q3.2018 (Full World Release Cards)
Size File: 11.49 GB

Description: Maps for Navitel / Navitel Navigator 9.10.1619 and above
Release Date: October 11
Version: 9.10.1619 and up
Supported OS: Andriod, iOS
Developer: Navitel / Navitel
Official site: Navitel
Interface language: Multilingual (Russian is present)
System requirements: Navitel / Navitel Navigator 9.10.1619 and above

Card List
Argentina, 178 MB
Brazil, 700 MB
Colombia, 126 MB
Mexico, 356 MB
Peru, 57 MB
Azerbaijan, 16 MB
Armenia, 7.8 MB
Vietnam, 172 MB
Georgia, 15 MB
India, 1.2 GB
Iran, 48 MB
Kazakhstan, 62 MB
Kyrgyzstan, 4.2 MB
Maldives, 1.1 MB
Pakistan, 99 MB
Tajikistan, 2.6 MB
Turkey, 717 MB
Uzbekistan, 11 MB
Philippines, 26 MB
Austria, 104 MB
Albania, 6.7 MB
Belarus, 133 MB
Belgium, Luxembourg, 72 MB
Bulgaria, 35 MB
Bosnia and Herzegovina, 33 MB
United Kingdom, Isle of Man, 421 MB
Hungary, 52 MB
Germany, 1.3 GB
Greece, 139 MB
Denmark, 72 MB
Iceland, 7.3 MB
Spain, Gibraltar, Andorra, 502 MB
Italy, Malta, San Marino, Vatican, 553 MB
Cyprus, 8.5 MB
Latvia, 37 MB
Lithuania, 29 MB
Macedonia, 8.9 MB
Moldova, 15 MB
Netherlands, 104 MB
Norway, 130 MB
Poland, 390 MB
Portugal, 132 MB
Romania, 52 MB
Serbia, 25 MB
Slovakia, 44 MB
Slovenia, 30 MB
Ukraine, 225 MB
Finland, 152 MB
France, Monaco, 894 MB
Croatia, 31 MB
Montenegro, 2.4 MB
Czech Republic, 164 MB
Switzerland, Liechtenstein, 88 MB
Sweden, 183 MB
Estonia, 44 MB
Russia, 930 MB
Federal Districts:
Far Eastern Federal District, 32 MB
Volga Federal District, 178 MB
North-West Federal District, 118 MB
North Caucasus Federal District, 40 MB
Siberian Federal District, 95 MB
Ural Federal District, 88 MB
Central Federal District, 241 MB
Southern Federal District, 108 MB
Overview map of the world:
World map, 11 MB

Copy the necessary files to the NavitelContent / Maps / directory. After starting the program, maps will be indexed.

What News?
Updates: official site does not provide any info about changes in this version.


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