Libros en formato PDF [Batería/Percusión]

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Libros en formato PDF [Batería/Percusión]

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Libros en formato PDF [Batería/Percusión]

Lista: Pack 1
(drum-lesson)david garibaldi - the funky beat
[Drum Lesson] Drums Thomas Lang Creative Control
[Drum] Rock'n'Roll - Full scores
24 intermediate - drum fills - lesson #2(2)
30 advanced - sixteenth notes on bass drum - lesson #1
31 advanced - sixteenth notes on bass drum - lesson #2
Bass and Drum on Brasilian Popular Music
berklee - basic funk for drums
bob burgett - progressive double bass drumming
charley wilcoxon - the all american drummer - 150 rudimental solos
Colin Bailey - Bass Drum Control
Dante Agostini - Préparation aux déchiffrages
dante agostini - solf ge rhythmique cahier no 1

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Lista: Pack 2
dom famularo - it's your move - motions and emotions
Drum Kit Lessons - Double Paradiddle As Drum Kit Beats
Drum Lessons - Andy Griffiths - Progressive Rock Drumming from Beginner to Advanced Student
Drum Lessons - Berklee Drums Advanced Reading
Drum Lessons - Pete Lockett - Symetrical Sticking For The Snare Drum
Drum Lessons - Peter Magadinir - Learn to Play the Drumset (Book 1)
Drum Lessons - Stick Control For The Snare Drummer
Drum Methods - Double Bass Drum Cookbook
Drum Wisdom - Bob Moses (en castellano)
Drums - Drum Book - Drummer Lessons
Drums - Jazz Drum Kit Lessons
Drums methods - Peter Erskine - Drum Concepts and Techniques

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Lista: Pack 3
Ed Thigpen - The Sound Of Brushes
ejercicios para bateria pop elias gil
G.L. Stone - Accents And Rebounds For Snare Drummer
Gary Chaffee - Linear Time Playing
Gary Chaffee - Rhythm and Meter Patterns
Gary Chaffee - Sticking Patterns
Gary Chaffee - Time Functioning Patterns

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Lista: Pack 4
Gary Chester The New Breed 2 -
George. la W.S - Stick Control
Jim Chapin - Drum Book - Advanced Techniques For The Modern Drummer
Kevin Tuck - Drum Book
La Bata
Marco Minnemann - Extreme Drumming Exercises
Marvin Dahlgren - 4 Way Coordination
PDF Drum Book - (Drum-Lesson) - Dave Weckl - Back to Basics - by HMD
PDF Drum Book - (Drum-Lesson) - Dave Weckl - Ultimate Play Along for Drums level 1 vol 1 - by HMD
pdf drum book - (drum-lesson) - david garibaldi - future sounds - by hmd
pdf drum book - (drum-lesson) - dennis chambers - in the pocket - by hmd
PDF Drum Book - (Drum-Lesson) - HORACIO EL NEGRO - Conversations in Clave - by HMD
Rick Kettner - Drummer Essentials
Stefano Paolini - Fills and Grooves for Drums
Steve Gadd Up Close
Symetrical Sticking For The Snare Drum - Pete Lockett
Ted Reed - Progressive Steps To Syncopation For The Modern Drummer
Vic Firth - Snare Drum Method - Book 1 - Elementary

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